Opening Hours

Monday 8am – 7pm
Tuesday 8am – 7pm
Wednesday 8am – 6.30pm
Thursday 8am – 7pm
Friday 8am – 5pm


Extra car parks behind building


For repeat prescriptions and appointments, log on to Health365

Family doctors for all our local community

Serving the communities of Massey, Ranui, Swanson and Henderson

Enrolled Patients

Over 65 Yrs $35.00
25 – 64 yrs old $38.00
18 – 24 yrs old $35.00
13 – 17 yrs old $32.00
Children 12 and Under $No Charge
New Patients Must pay upfront for their first visit. An administration fee of $5 per patient or $20 per family is added to the first appointment fee only. New Patients must bring their passport or birth certificate as proof of their eligibility to enrol.

Visiting Patient Fees:
Non Community Card Holders Community Card Holders
Adult over 18 years & over $70.00 $55.00
Children 6 to 17 years old $45.00 $40.00
Children Under 6 Free

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