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Family doctors for all our local community

Serving the communities of Massey, Ranui, Swanson and Henderson


You can print enrolment form here Please bring it into the medical centre. Our books are open and we are currently accepting new patients, however this is at the doctor’s discretion and availability. Please also bring your passport or birth certificate with you at the time of enrolling.

The principle of enrolment is crucial to the government’s primary health care strategy. Ensuring that patients obtain their health care from one general practice helps to make their care more efficient and more effective. There is a lot of evidence that continuity of care results in better health.

It is important to understand the principles of enrolment. For patients who are enrolled with us, we ask that you try to obtain your health care from us, except after hours. The system encourages this partnership (and provides a financial penalty for us if you consult other practices).

Patients are reminded that if they attend other clinics for a one off consultation they must inform the clinic that they are attending as a casual patient. If you sign an enrolment form at another medical centre you are automatically removed from being an enrolled patient at Massey Medical Centre and become an enrolled patient at the clinic where you visited. Unfortunately when this happens the government ceases to fund you at Massey Medical Centre and your funding is transferred to the other clinic. This then means that we cannot offer you a reduced fee. All of the above is completely out of the control of Massey Medical.

Funding will also be stopped by the Ministry of Health when a patient has not consulted at the practice for a general medical condition within the past 3 years, it is a requirement for us to get our patients to re-enrol before this date so that we can continue to charge the funded rate, this is annoying for the patient and time consuming for the practice, but unfortunately we have no alternative.

For patients who are enrolled with us, we ask that you try to obtain your health care from us, except in emergencies after hours.

What is a PHO?

Primary Health Organisations are the local structures for delivering and coordinating primary health care services. PHOs bring together doctors, nurses and other health professionals (such as Maori health workers, health promoters, dietitians, pharmacists, physiotherapists, mental health workers and midwives) in the community to serve the needs of their enrolled populations.

PHOs receive a set amount of funding from the government to ensure the provision of a range of health services, including reducing the cost of visits to the doctor. Funding is based on the people enrolled with the PHO and their characteristics (e.g. age, gender, and ethnicity). Funding also pays for services that help people stay healthy and services that reach out to groups in the community who are missing out in health services or who have poor health.