Opening Hours

Monday 8am – 7pm
Tuesday 8am – 7pm
Wednesday 8am – 6.30pm
Thursday 8am – 7pm
Friday 8am – 5pm


Extra car parks behind building


For repeat prescriptions and appointments, log on to Health365

Family doctors for all our local community

Serving the communities of Massey, Ranui, Swanson and Henderson

Massey Health Services

The Doctors Massey Medical provide a comprehensive range of primary health care services for people of all ages, young and old. Disease diagnosis and management, specialist referrals, and work certificates.

  • Chronic disease management including diabetes and heart health.
  • Healthy lifestyle education including green prescription referrals
  • Cervical smears
  • ECGs
  • Spirometry
  • Ear Syringe
  • Blood Pressure Checks
  • Immunisations – childhood immunisation, flu vaccinations, occupational vaccinations, travel vaccinations, pertussis vaccine for pregnant women.
  • Warfarin management
  • Sore throat assessments
  • Wound care – there may be an additional charge for consumables
  • Asthma education & Management

Funded Services

(usually no charge for enrolled patients)

  • Interpreting services (booked when appointment is made)
  • Refugees – comprehensive care with 1 visit per quarter fully funded
  • Maternity care until 14 weeks
  • Smoking cessation programmes
  • Youth & sexual health (criteria apply please ask)
  • Podiatry for diabetes
  • Cervical smear (criteria apply – please ask)
  • Mental health (limited funding for some high risk groups)
  • Terminal Care

Women’s Health

Provide women with family planning advice, IUCD & Mirena insertion, Jadelles, cervical smears (nurse smears are available at reduced cost). We also provide breast examinations and mammogram referrals, STI checks, menopause advice and treatment & screening for diabetes and heart disease.

Maternity care for first 3 months (free) with referral to midwives and obstetric care as indicated. Also postnatal care is free up to 14 days post-delivery. Free flu and pertussis vaccines are available to pregnant women.

Men’s Health

Provide men with family planning advice, prostrate checks, STI screening and screening for diabetes and heart screening.

Stopping Smoking

Provide stopping smoking assistance including support, nicotine replacement and medications (Zyban & Champix). An appointment can be made with a doctor or a nurse. Link to quit resources

Young People

Provide full paediatric and teenage care including well child checks and immunisation programme, glue ear screening, oral health screening, youth counselling. STI checks and contraception for teenagers as required.


Provide treatment for minor accidents, removal of foreign bodies, suturing cuts, treating strains and sprains. All aspects of wound care. Referral for X-Ray or specialist as needed. Comprehensive ACC medical services. We also include sports & occupational injuries.

Minor Surgery

Removal of suspicious skin lesions, including moles, lumps and ingrown toenails.


Flu Vaccines – Free for over 65’s, many chronic health conditions and children under 5 with recurrent respiratory illnesses, and pregnant women. See website

Travel Medicine – Appointment with doctor in first instance. All relevant advice, vaccinations and malaria prevention medication provided payment to be made in advance for all vaccine orders. See website

Immunisation Schedule All infant and childhood vaccines provided as per government schedule, Gardisil vaccines & tetanus boosters. Childhood vaccines are essential to prevent major and potentially fatal illnesses eg. Whooping cough and polio. We have a system of nurse recalls.

Other Vaccines can be ordered and paid for including chicken pox vaccine, shingles vaccine etc.

Nurse Rose Tremain

Nurse Cheryl Portman

National Immunisation Schedule

6 weeks, 3 months, 5 months, 15 months, 4 years, 11 years, 12 years (girls only), 45 years tetanus and 65 years tetanus and influenza vaccine.


If you need a health care appointment with a Massey doctor, give us a call on (09) 831 0170.